Joomla Club Templates
DEMO Zephyr, the August 2010 Template Club release, features an impressive assortment of stylistic tools, ranging from its completely Transparent Base, to an extensive array of Color Chooser controls. The template is the first to offer MegaMenu functionality for the Fusion Menu, with Grouped Child Items and Inline Modules as its most noticeable features.

Built with the Gantry Framework, powerful features such as the 960 Grid System, iPhone Support, Smart Loading and many others are standard features by default with the Zephyr template, making it truly versatile and flexible.
Features and Screenshots
  • >>Gantry Framework
  • >>Transparent Design
  • >>Color Chooser with 12 Preset Styles
  • >>Fusion with MegaMenu, and Splitmenu
  • >>Custom Typography & JS Form Styling
  • >>68 Module Positions
  • >>24 Module Variations - 72 Combo Possibilities
  • >>3rd Party Extensions Compatibility Styling
  • >>FF 3.6, Safari 4, Opera 10.x, IE7-IE8 Compatible
  • >>Limited IE6 Browser Compatibility
  • >>Template RTL Support
  • >>W3C XHTML 1.0 / CSS 3 Valid

Transparent Design & Color Chooser

Transparency lays at the heart of the Zephyr template, with the entire theme being developed around it. Every structural image is transparent to allow background colors to bleed through seamlessly.

Color Chooser is a Gantry-Admin based control interface which, through simple controls, allows you to change all color and style elements of the template, such as text and background color.

Access the Color Chooser from Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_zephyr_j15 → Settings

  • Utility: Select the Overlay type.
  • Body, Main, Navigation, Showcase, Feature, Bottom & Footer: Control the Background, Overlay, Text and Link Colors.
  • Header: Choose the Background, Text and Link Colors

Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion Menu is a menu theme of the RokNavMenu extension, the addon that drives all 66MASK template menus. It is primarily a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu, that combines standard suckerfish type functionality with animations, transitions and other advanced effects provided by Mootools.

MegaMenu Features:

  • Triple/Quad Column Modes: Have up to 4 columns in the Fusion dropdowns.
  • Child Items Menu Grouping: Group child menu items inline with its parent.
  • Column Width Control: Set the total, as well as individual column widths.
  • Load Modules / Positions: Place modules or positions within the dropdown columns.

Third Party Extensions Compatibility Styling

Zephyr has compatibility styling for 5 major third party extensions: JomSocial, Tienda, Virtuemart, K2 and JComments.


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